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Visual DSS Assignment Help

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Visual DSS is a software based program to extract the useful information required to build the virtual tests with the help of computer aided design software. Visual DSS establishes an easy connection with the customer enterprise. Visual DSS supports all of the IT standards. Below are some of the core modules in Visual DSS:


  1. Multi domain compute model management
  2. CAE process automation
  3. Project workflow management
  4. Simulation content management
  5. Systems Integration framework
  6. Reporting and decision support


Visual DSS enhances the design and engineering work. It maintains the traceability of data. Visual DSS also performs the cumbersome CAE tasks. It ensures the timely execution of the program. It sticks to the application by the right user. A record of entire simulation throughout the life cycle is maintained. It helps to generate the automate reports, dashboards, statistics.


Visual DSS Assignment Help

Visual DSS is a software based program which establishes connection with the several computer aided design software in order to extract useful information required for building the virtual tests. It facilitates the collection and management of simulation content of the virtual tests.


It also establishes an easy connection with the customer enterprise information such as Product Data Management (PDM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and showcases interaction with the IT and data architecture of every company. It supports most of the IT standard. Some of the core modules in which Visual DSS deals with includes the following:


CAE Process Automation

It deals with the Automate repetitive and cumbersome CAE tasks that take place during virtual product development.


Project Workflow Management

It helps to capture operational procedures, which help to ensure the timely execution of the program at the right place and application by the right user.


Simulation Content Management

It helps keeping a record of the entire simulation done throughout the lifecycle of different application.


Systems Integration Framework

It allows integration with the third party allowing activities like job submission, PDM systems and much more.


Reporting and Decision Support

It helps to generate automatic report and dashboards. Visual DSS put together the different expertise of your team, exploit the power of simulation and IT infrastructure to make the right decision in small, medium or large organization.


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