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APA-Referencing Style, How to?

APA style originated in 1929 to base line the writing styles. APA format is mainly used to cite the sources of psychology and the format is the official style of American Psychological Association. APA is a simple and easy way of scientific writing that helps for easy reading. APA style was developed by many social and behavioral scientists to standardize the scientific writing. APA style has a simple set of procedures or so called style rules. APA style has been adapted by many individuals and many writers across the world. It helps to structure and format their content. It also to cite references in a text and the charges of plagiarism. APA writing has set of guidelines to ensure clear and consistent way of presentation of a writing. It mainly consists of the uniformity of heading, length. It concentrates on punctuation and abbreviations. It also focuses of statistics, tables, figures and numbers.

A uniform style is needed to scan the writing easily. A particular style helps us to concentrate on the key elements of a writing. A graphical form is the best way to convey the analyses and report critical details of a research. An author while writing for a publication should follow some rules to avoid the inconsistencies among the chapters. A variation in style may distract the reader.


APA style is codified as a base for many scientific writings. It helps to maintain clear communication and enhance the knowledge in different fields of science. APA has information in its database, which consists of summaries of literature and serve as a tool to complete our writing. APA style is used for literature reviews, research reports and term papers. It is also used for theoretical and methodical article as well as case studies. APA research papers are often divided into sections. They consists of a title, abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, references and appendices.


APA style is a well written and well formatted content. Formatting your paper in APA style means you are having keen interest on Page headers and Footers, Line spacing, Margins, Type face. Headings help to give the key point of your paper and your thoughts on the content to the reader. APA style used 5 levels of headings. It a practice in APA style to reduce bias in language. It’s suggestible to write about groups with sensitivity and accuracy. Titles should be italics. Indentation should be present for each additional line.  All entries should be in alphabetical order. It’s the main thing to cite the reference of your work. Track all the sources of your content and make a note son your full research, collect information appropriately and try to avoid plagiarism. Author- date citing system is used in APA style writing to cite references in text. The reference section should be double spaced. The purpose of references help the readers to find the original source of content and helps to find more information your content. Place all references in a sequence order by author name.

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