5 Worst College Application Clinches and How to Avoid Them

Thousands of students pass out of college every year. The number of applications that reach college administration are also increasing every year. It’s a tough task for the college authorities to pick the best application. Apart from getting good scores it is also important to submit a well written application. Students needs to realize the importance of writing an application to college. Let’s look on some important guidelines on things you should avoid while writing an application to college.

It’s good to start with a good quote. Prefer the quotes of people who inspires you to do great things. Start describing about yourself. Try to use short and simple sentences. Give a brief about your schooling and then academic record of high school. Name the schools and the percentage and do mention the high percentage of your subjects.

It’s important to be a part of sports and volunteer work besides a good academic record. Place all the work you have volunteered. Helping people is super impressive and gives a positive impact. You can also mention your personal trips, community service projects. You should mention your interest in sports and achievements. Always choose a unique way to express your achievements to make an impact. If you also have special talent do mention it. Though you are not a best player do exaggerate yourself. Don’t overly provide personal information in the essay. Avoid too much detail of your illness, disability. Do not provide any illegal or immoral actions. Do not try to put something fictional. It’s good to be confident but do not praise yourself to the skies. Just mention the goals you have achieved but do not drag the topic. Try not to bore the admission office as they are already fed up reading all the essays. It’s good to document how other people do things differently and how you react to it. Concentrate on the work of art that you are deeply moved. Show them that you are up to take challenges and open to new ideas.


Don’t be afraid to talk about something true though it doesn’t involve any trophy. Do not try to write anything that you don’t know intimately. Mention the lessons you have learnt while trying to succeed. Ask yourself the points that you write. You should present your trust in your essay. It’s good to gather information about the college that you are applying. No one succeeds in their first attempt. It’s on your part to explain your failure in a convincing way.


Gather information about the college and let the authorities know that how much the college mean to you. Let the authorities know that you have a lot of knowledge about the college and the course you want to take. Try to impress them with the interesting facts and the achievements about the college and you are much aware of all of them. Do check for the typos in the essay and take care of grammar.


The essay should be a brief of yourself and your academic record. The main aim of the essay is to not only to know about academic but also your personality, character, talent and skills. Avoid incorrectly used punctuation.


53 words and phrases that are often misunderstood

English is a peculiar language where both speaking and reading skills enhances you. People usually misunderstand words and phrases. This due to lack of comprehension and usage of grammar. A problem occurs where different words would be pronounced in a same way or the same word used in different situations. Let’s look on some commonly used words and phrases:


  1. Lie- Lay: Lie and Lay are two words are often misused for others. Lie means to rest on a surface whereas Lay means to put something in place.
  2. Toward- Afterward-Anyway: These words should never end with ‘S’.
  3. Fewer- Less: ‘Fewer’ is sued when you count while ‘Less’ is used for things you cannot count.
  4. Farther- Further: When referring to physical distance we use the word ‘Farther’ and Further means Advancement or progress.
  5. Capitol – Capital: Capitol is the word for a noun. Capital refers to money in a venture.
  6. Ensure – Insure: Ensure is like promise or guarantee. You insure a car or house.
  7. Beck and Call: These words are often misused as ‘Beckon call’. This phrase means being made available.
  8. Climactic – Climatic: Climactic is used for the sense of climax whereas climactic is used when referring to climate.
  9. Accept – Except: Accept which means to ‘receive’. It’s a verb. Except means not top include which is a preposition.
  10. Affect – Effect: Affect is to influence. Effect is the result of an event.
  11. Elicit – Illicit: Elicit means to revoke or bring out. It is a verb. Illicit means unlawful which is used in terms on adjective.
  12. Perspective – Prospective: Perspective is a unique way to take on events. Prospective means potential.
  13. Gauge – Gouge:  Gauge is referred in terms of reaction. Gouge means to focus on a particular thing for a long time.
  14. Prosperity – Posterity: Prosperity means wealth. Posterity is used when we refer future generations.
  15. Principal – Principle :   Principle means law or basic rule whereas Principal is a noun, the head of the school
  16. Tenet – Tenant: Tenet is rule while we are discussing a subject. The one who rents is a tenant.
  17. Rein – Reign – Rain:  The tendency to overreact is often termed as Rein, while a monarch reigns over his or her empire. Rain falls from the sky.
  18. By and Large:  This phrase is usually mistaken as ‘By in Large’. This phrase is used while discussing a subject in general sense.
  19. Solidarity – Solitary: Solidarity referred in terms of supporting or joining a movement. Solitary means alone or lonely or isolated.
  20. Weary – Wary:  Weary means tired. It also means jaded. Wary means suspicious. You would be wary of a candidate with terrible references.
  21. Leery – Leer: Leery also means suspicious. Leer is to stare in a appropriate way.
  22. Broach – Breach – Brooch:  Breach is to cross the rules. Broach the subject tomorrow while wearing your grandmother’s lucky brooch.
  23. Fleshing – Flushing: Fleshing is to investigate and find out more in details.  Flush is to remove or turn down.
  24. Banal – Blase:  Banal means boring. Blase means unconcerned.

APA-Referencing Style, How to?

APA style originated in 1929 to base line the writing styles. APA format is mainly used to cite the sources of psychology and the format is the official style of American Psychological Association. APA is a simple and easy way of scientific writing that helps for easy reading. APA style was developed by many social and behavioral scientists to standardize the scientific writing. APA style has a simple set of procedures or so called style rules. APA style has been adapted by many individuals and many writers across the world. It helps to structure and format their content. It also to cite references in a text and the charges of plagiarism. APA writing has set of guidelines to ensure clear and consistent way of presentation of a writing. It mainly consists of the uniformity of heading, length. It concentrates on punctuation and abbreviations. It also focuses of statistics, tables, figures and numbers.

A uniform style is needed to scan the writing easily. A particular style helps us to concentrate on the key elements of a writing. A graphical form is the best way to convey the analyses and report critical details of a research. An author while writing for a publication should follow some rules to avoid the inconsistencies among the chapters. A variation in style may distract the reader.


APA style is codified as a base for many scientific writings. It helps to maintain clear communication and enhance the knowledge in different fields of science. APA has information in its database, which consists of summaries of literature and serve as a tool to complete our writing. APA style is used for literature reviews, research reports and term papers. It is also used for theoretical and methodical article as well as case studies. APA research papers are often divided into sections. They consists of a title, abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, references and appendices.


APA style is a well written and well formatted content. Formatting your paper in APA style means you are having keen interest on Page headers and Footers, Line spacing, Margins, Type face. Headings help to give the key point of your paper and your thoughts on the content to the reader. APA style used 5 levels of headings. It a practice in APA style to reduce bias in language. It’s suggestible to write about groups with sensitivity and accuracy. Titles should be italics. Indentation should be present for each additional line.  All entries should be in alphabetical order. It’s the main thing to cite the reference of your work. Track all the sources of your content and make a note son your full research, collect information appropriately and try to avoid plagiarism. Author- date citing system is used in APA style writing to cite references in text. The reference section should be double spaced. The purpose of references help the readers to find the original source of content and helps to find more information your content. Place all references in a sequence order by author name.

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Darwin Festival in Australia

Are you crazy for travelling? Are you interested to travel around the world and planning to visit Australia, then this (May-Oct) is the best time to be in Australia. The Darwin festival which celebrates the vast multicultural aspects of lifestyle of the north territory of Australia. The Darwin festival is majorly an outdoor festival. This mainly occurs during the dry climate of Australia. 18 days of long celebration happens during Darwin festival. It comprises a series of long events including sports, music, concerts, theatre, arts, and workshops.

Darwin has a place in history during world war I. The population of Darwin are evacuated during the Pearl Harbor in December 1941. All the areas were under military control and they were bombed by Japanese Air Force.  In 1946 which is during the end of World War II, city reverted to civil control where most of the evacuated population returned to Darwin. The census records of 1947 of Darwin suggests that they have only people of around 2000 during the end of World War II.

Darwin is situated near Timor Sea.  This is the northern territory of Australia which is sparely populated. It’s a pioneer outpost. The city usually has a warm climate throughout the year but during the festive times the climate is warm and cool. During the festive season the city comes to live with a blue sky and the gentle warm breeze from the sea.

The main festive attraction of the city happens at the Mindil beach. A lot of people gather at the beach to view the amazing wireworks that happens all night. The beach comes to live at night with the shopping center and lot of foreign tourists. The beach also organizes music, concerts, theatre, art and the best part is the amazing local food. This festival offers a lot of opportunities for the locals to exhibit their work, art, music, screen printing, basket weaving and talent. This also includes cooking, morning yoga, water sports and meditation. Beer Drinking competition is also organized during the Darwin festive season.

Mandil beach is the popular beach in Darwin but Casuarina also a popular beach in Darwin. The best of these beaches is that these are unpolluted beaches which attracts a lot of tourists. Swimming is avoided during the festive season as there are a lot of jelly fishes. Salt water crocodiles are also very common in waterways. Barramundi which is the iconic fish in this region, visitors around the flock to Darwin to catch this prized Barramundi. Off the coast of Darwin blue water fishing is available. In the east point reserve there is a manmade lake. Swimming is accessible in this manmade Lake Alexander.

Including the beaches there are a lot of parks and gardens in Darwin. Not only the water sports but cricket is also organized in this region. In 2003, ICC has organized an International Test Cricket between Australia and Bangladesh. Football is played all over the year in Australia. Rugby competitions are organized every year in Australia.

Fantastic Ways to make your writing remarkable

Is your article not being viewed by more visitors even though it has great content? Are you interested to write and not aware of writing skills that will enhance you content? Are you lacking writing skills? Don’t worry we at Academic Avenue are here to help you out. Writing skills play a prominent role in your education and career. When you take a next step from school to college you need to impress the teachers with your assignment. When you write a mail to your senior colleague or to a client you to pay attention while writing. If you need good remarks and grades you need are remarkable with your writing skills. Let’s focus on some of the fantastic ways to make your writing remarkable:

Basic Guide Lines:

You should be aware of basics of English grammar before you start writing something. Look for the online guide lines for the do’s and don’ts. Don’t try be in some others shoes try to develop a new style for yourself. Before you start be clear with the structure, the content you want to represent. Share your story authentically so that readers might feel like they know you. Frame your subject line as question. Symbols and special characters might draw the attention of the readers. Always have useful content and try to be specific. Before you write read more.



Though you have great content to be read but not formatted properly no one is interested to read it unless it is formatted in a proper way. After you write everything that you want to, the next important thing is to format the content. Every institution/client has their own format to view their data. The font and font size of that data will make your mark. The way you represent the data is also important. Use paragraphs and when required use bullet points. You write something interesting and that goes unnoticed if you don’t present it in a unique way.

Evoke Images and emotions:

A picture speaks far more than a sentence, so try to inculcate appropriate images that suits your content. A title for it and a little description regarding the picture will be a fantastic way to express. People are bored of reading long contents, so express you’re feeling in short and simple. You very precise language to carry out emotion.


Highlight you content so that catches the eye of the reader. Prominent writing in such a way that people can’t resist your words. Set you expectations by appropriate subject line and clearly state what’s exactly to be conveyed. Brief of content in the headlines and explain in a smart way in the subject lines. Don’t throw out junk in the content, study every word and make a solid article. Check samples, read more and realize how good a paper should be and most important is do not plagiarize or steal ideas. Even if you don’t copy the content from somewhere, some expressions and commonly used phrases may fall short in your article. The more you pay attention to fundamentals, the common writing techniques people will get addicted to read your articles.

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Indian Students and Education Abroad

There a lot of enthusiastic students who dream to study abroad. It’s a great achievement to get a seat in a foreign university. The problem arises when he or she has to manage studies and their part time jobs. With attending classes submitting assignments is also fetched good grades to students studying in abroad. Most of them prefer to do part time to earn for their living, education and their personal expenses. In this process they might attend the classes regularly but fall behind the schedule of submitting the assignments. To help those people we have launched Academic Avenue which is one stop for all your academic assignments. We are leaders in helping students from with their assignments from home work to all project based assignments. We also provide thesis, research and case study help.

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Learn How to Avoid Top 10 Mistakes That Freelancer Writers Make

The world is changing every day. A lot of new talent with many more new opportunities. People don’t stick to work 9-5 jobs. They are thinking broad to show up their skills with freelancing. You can start your own firm and start working from anywhere. There are no boundaries if you wish to grow in your career. There is no such time limit to work. You can work in any place at any time. Freelancing is not an easy task. We need to take care of few things before freelancing. Let’s focus on few things that freelancers should take care of.


You need to make use of every platform to attract clients. You should be able to find new clients and be flexible to find new customers. Promote yourself to the maximum extent ion social media. Never lose hope always think that the best is yet to come. Attract the clients with sharing and posting your work. Schedule most of your updates. DO not falsely promote your work. Be bold for the clients you work. It’s appropriate to draft a mail which explains best of you and your work. Its god to seek suggestions and advice from the experienced.


As a freelancer you are the company and your salary is tied to your clients and competitors. One of the best strategy is to study and analyze the competition in the market and organize your work. Make a note of all them mistakes you did and a better way to overcome them. As you main source of income is form the client you work for so chose your clients wisely. It’s better to avoid unreliable client. Though you don’t have any time limit its good to complete your work on daily basis. It takes time to groove with the frequency of the client. Plan to work by word or by project. Take your time before you actually write, research get some knowledge and then pen down your work. Manage you time to freelance if you already have a job.


The big mistake most of the freelancers make is not having a own website. Create a professional site and update it on daily basis. When you don’t look professional potential clients will move out of you. It’s easy to set up, flexible to maintain. Stand up for yourself. Do not tolerate any abuse from the client. In case of any issue, call them up and explain and sort out the problem in a professional tone.


Track all your expenses and pay taxes to the government. Plan long term and short term of your money. Though you done have any working business hours but you should actually have a business plan. Without any significant goals there is no purpose of your work. You need to plan your work, have enough sleep and refresh your brain. Work at a steady rate. Clients are not aware how much their projects are worth. It totally depends on you to convince the clients how much you worth for to take up their work.

Learn How You Can Compose an Impeccable Critical Essay on Literature

An essay is a best way to test the writing skills of an individual. Irrespective of academic level essays test our knowledge, our ability to think and make sense of and clearly explain a particular topic, writing skills and the balance between the discussion and argument and the way you deal both of them. It also test our reading skills, the more you read the more information you get and the more you can put on paper. In fact you need manage time also by planning, organizing and collating all the key points in your content. Let’s discuss some techniques and guidelines for writing works about literature:

If you are working on work of literature such as writing poems, writing a novel you need to keep a lot of things in mind. You should not just summarize the concept but should raise a point of discussion or argument. As a writer you should not only raise questions but also should provide conclusions and strategies.  Establish another writer’s meaning asserting a point of view of your own. Your scientific work should provide answers to the questions in your text.


You should probably find yourself moving from comments and observations. The outcome of a brilliant essay will be of original thinking. You need to have a deep thinking on the topic you pen down. Everyone looks world in a different way with the different angle coming up with different hypothesis and analysis. You should have a strong knowledge of facts, not just knowledge but the comprehension of the concepts. You should be able to deal topic in two ways with coherent way of approach. The words in an essay should flow effortlessly. Sentence should never be read more than once and once read by reader should be easily understood. Flawless spelling and grammar with no careless typos. Good essays give balance on both sides, presenting information partially and keeping in mind the multiple points of views. One side arguments doesn’t have a positive impact on the article. Your opinion and interpretation counts too. A picture speaks more than a thousand words, include pictures relevant to the topic. Visuals also make the essay more interesting for the reader. Don’t forget to include the credits for the pictures and images you use in the essay. Don’t keep things posted for last minute. You your time and don’t delay in delivering the article as it may have a negative impact on the author.


Always add that extra piece that no one tend to do it. Add a picture of the relevant concept or figure out a statistics or represent the date with help of a table. Type the ideas you want to cover and drag and drop them into your essay in a logical order. Answer the question you have set and not the question you want to answer. Try to mould the question what you [prefer to write about. You could end up with a brilliant essay if the reader actually gets your question and you approach to that answer.

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Writing an A Level English Literature Essay

We all have experience of writing essays. Some are good at writing and some only write for the sake of marks. Writing an essay is different at different stage of life. Writing an essay as a school kid is easy when compared to write an essay at your university. A lot of them are not aware of how to write an essay that catches a reader’s eye. Today let’s focus on how to write an A- level English Literature essay:


Before you write something first think of what to write and how to write. Plan and organize an essay. Careful planning and executing the same will produce a good essay. Do not tend to write an essay the night before submission. Allow yourself time for that particular essay. Plan, Organize, consider, think, write, read, rewrite and revise. You should follow the basic guidelines to start an essay. Choose a topic and analyze it thoroughly. Read its relevant material in books, over internet and note down the important points out of them. Draw a plan how to write it. Start writing the same and read if after every paragraph. Review it once you finish writing and redraft the content.


Try to write an essay while should be a reflection of texts rather be a reason to discussion or argument. This requires a lot of planning and organizing the material. A perfect title will give an idea of what content is present in the essay. Introduction is a key to good essay. Do not present it in plain terms rather use ambiguous or complex terms. Another way to present a good introduction is to pose questions which might drag the interest of the reader. Introduction should be short and brief. The body of the essay should reflect your title. It’s important to make the links and transitions between the paragraphs. Every paragraph and sentences in them should contribute to your content. The beginning of the paragraph should be indented five spaces from left to right. Use a clean font which is clearly legible. Pages should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. The page number should be present on the right hand top corner of each page. Exclamation marks should be used sparingly. The sense of the essay depends on the words as well as the punctuation you use.


Make a balance between argument and supporting evidence in your essay. Direct speech should always be in quotation marks. If you are using a phrase from a site, do provide the reference in brackets. You should maintain a checklist to check that you have covered all of them that you organized. The title, The Introduction which has sets the stage for essay, an outline approach, define key terms and discussion or argument raising questions. The body of the essay should not deviate from the title and should present all the key points clearly. Systematic approach of the key points and cute the references. The conclusion which plays a major part of essay. Collate all the main points together, link back to the topic and state clearly and conclude.


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Hurdles in a Students life Abroad

Are you among those students who often find it difficult to manage their daily curriculum, going to jobs, coming back to complete their Assignments within the deadline? You are not alone. However do not worry no more.

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